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Our Favorite Things ~ Spring Edition

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Spring is Kapha-predominant & governed by the Earth & Water elements. We see a warming up from the stark cold of Vata winter and thawing which leads to more moisture in the ground and atmosphere. This contributes to cool, damp & heavy qualities in nature and subsequently in us – especially if we have a strong Kapha in our constitution.

In Spring, Kapha accumulation can present as congestion, runny nose, allergies or asthma flare-ups. Kapha-types may also experience more heaviness, bloating or fluid retention.

To balance these qualities, it is important to introduce things into our diet & daily routine which are warm & light – remember opposites balance! The element of heat will also have a drying effect on the dampness of Kapha.

The products & practices listed below are some of our favorite things to integrate in Spring. If you are unsure about whether a product or practice is appropriate for you, it is best to schedule a time to connect for a consultation. We always recommend consulting with a physician or licensed healthcare provider before starting a new herbal remedy or supplement.

First things first!


  • Neti kriya – The use of a neti pot is a traditional cleansing practice in both Ayurveda & Yoga systems. Warm salt water is used to flush the nasal passages and has a cleansing & drying effect. This is helpful in cases where there is runny nose and/or itchiness, as we typically see in Spring time. You can use special Neti Pot Salts like those linked below, or Sea Salt or Pink Himalayan Salt from your kitchen. It is important to use salt that does not have iodine added.
  • Dry body brushing – We love dry brushing! It is an excellent practice for stimulating the lymphatic system & boosting circulation, which benefits the sluggish-ness of Kapha. Since it is “dry”, it is best to avoid in the winter months or if you have a tendency toward dry skin. Otherwise, dry brush it up! Use the dry brush all over your body in the same technique used for Abhyanga – working from the limbs toward the heart. Be gentle on any areas of delicate or sensitive skin. Follow with your oil Abhyanga and then a warm bath or shower. A Kapha-balancing massage oil is linked below!
  • Honey – Honey is the sweetener of choice for Kapha-types but also packs a punch of health benefits when you use honey that is local to your area. Taking one teaspoon of local honey a day, year round, is one of the best preventative methods for seasonal allergies. Start your day with a simple tea of freshly boiled water with a teaspoon of honey and squeeze of lemon added. This is Kapha-reducing, detoxifying and beneficial for many of the imbalances encountered in Spring.


  • Tea of the Season – For Spring we love Organic India’s Tulsi Moringa Tea. Tulsi is a beloved adaptogen that has beneficial properties for many bodily systems including the respiratory system & the mind. Moringa is a powerful antioxidant that contains full chain amino acids, helps with healthy cholesterol levels and is cardio-protective. A favorite food in Indian cooking – drumstick – comes from the Moringa plant! In addition to the health benefits mentioned, this tea also boosts energy & mental clarity without caffeine.
  • Featured Supplement – Banyan Botanicals Pollen Protect formula is great for seasonal allergy support. Better to use proactively, rather than reactively, to stay ahead of the symptoms.
    • From the maker, Banyan Botanicals – Pollen Protect is clinically shown to support a healthy inflammatory response, soothe the respiratory system, and support normal breathing. Formulated with ten key herbal ingredients targeted at supporting respiratory functions and providing relief for common seasonal irritants, Pollen Protect is an herbal powerhouse that promotes optimal health year-round.
  • Balancing Aromas – Last, but not least, here are some scents to integrate for Spring. You can get out in nature and experience the real thing (best!) or bring these aromas into your space in the form of essential oils, incense, dried herb bundles, etc.
    • Anything CITRUS! Citrus scents are light, uplifting and a natural anti-depressant. We love lemon, bergamot, grapefruit and orange.
    • Scents from TREES! These help open the airways and support the respiratory system. Our favorites, which also reduce Kapha, include Eucalyptus, Cedar and Cypress
    • Another sweet find is the Auromere Dosha Balancing Incense Set for Kapha, linked below.



A note about product recommendations –

All products linked in this article connect to our Ayurvedic Herbs Direct affiliate site. Purchasing through these links supports our business as Turiya Holistic Health receives a percentage of the sale. You can also support us by purchasing your Ayurvedic products anytime through the Online Pharmacy link on our website.


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