Women's Health

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Women’s health (reproductive and gynecological care) is one of the eight specialty branches of Ayurveda, known in Sanskrit as Prasuti and Stri-Rog.

As a holistic health system, Ayurveda approaches the mind, body and spirit as parts of an inter-connected whole. This is of utmost importance in the area of women’s health. In our modern medical system, gynecology is a separate practice, and imbalances in the reproductive system are often assessed and treated in isolation.

Ayurvedic diagnostic tools allow us to look at the system as a whole and see how an imbalance in one area can create a ripple effect through the body and/or mind. Once we get to the root cause of the imbalance, we can identify contributing factors and make changes to diet, lifestyle and daily routine in order to restore balance.

Gynecological disorders, infertility, anxiety, depression, and auto-immune conditions are among the top health concerns for women and are becoming increasingly more common. In many instances, these conditions are also co-occurring lending more credence to the power of the mind-body connection.

Our programs and services are designed to assess physical, mental and emotional well-being, and uncover any connections between presenting symptoms and causes of imbalance. We stand firm in the belief that a woman’s cycle is a powerful indicator of health, that hormone suppression should not be the first line solution for menstrual irregularities, and that discomfort, pain and mood irregularity are clinical imbalances and not simply par for the course of being a woman.

We also take a special interest in supporting women at various stages in the family planning process, including pre-conception and fertility, conscious conception, pre-natal and post-natal support as well as natural methods of pregnancy prevention.

A Note From Dr. Molly

"At the time of founding Turiya Holistic Health, my main objective was to provide a safe space where women could come at various stages on their path of Self-discovery and Self-healing. In my physical office, I meticulously cultivated an environment with soft lighting, sweet smells and beautiful things that invited you to sit and breathe and stay for a while. Now, as we dive deep into the virtual era, my objective remains to provide an equally safe, comforting, beautiful space that you can enter anytime and anywhere. I am dedicated to providing the education, resources and support that I have sought for myself on my own healing journey. I am honored that women invite me into their lives and trust me to play a part in their story. It is my greatest work."